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Learning for an occasion
There are many reasons to learn to dance but when a special occasion comes up it’s a must. To look good on the dance floor and to have a great time dancing really adds a bit of sparkle to any affair!

When you need to learn quickly for an occasion you will want to take a combination of private lessons, group lessons and parties. We have many choices that will help you attain your goal. If there is one choice that will be your best bet it will be private lessons.

You can call us and make an appointment with a teacher. At the end of your private lesson you can schedule another appointment. This way you are not obliged to a specific time every week. It all depends on your schedule and teachers availability.

Silva Dance Academy

Private Lessons Benefits
Learning in groups is ok for an introduction to ballroom dancing. However, some of you will want to become better dancers. Perhaps you want to concentrate on one dance or just a certain step. Maybe you want to learn more steps in a dance or develop your technique. You may be able to move faster taking private lessons.

The main benefits of taking private lessons are that you can learn at your own pace, make your own schedule, learn only the dances of your choice and have more personal attention from the instructor. That's why many students decide to take private lessons. Sometimes its more cost effective than group lessons as you can get a lot more attention and detail being one on one with an instructor.

Your First Lesson
If you are not sure what exactly you need to learn and don't feel confident about your ability on your first private lesson - don't worry! Your instructor will demonstrate and teach you some basic steps, evaluate your current level and recommend what dances would be most useful to fulfill your goals.

No Contracts
You can decide after the first lesson if you want to continue. At Silva Dance we don't have any contracts so you are not obliged to take or pay for more than the lesson you are taking.

When can you take private lessons?
At Silva Dance private lessons are taught everyday (7 days a week). We teach private lessons as early as 10:00AM to 11:00PM.
Teaching hours depend on studio and teachers availability.

Silva Dance Academy

Affordable Rates
At Silva Dance quality of dancing and dance instruction is our priority. Affordability is our goal. We hope everyone can take advantage of our quality dance instruction and fully enjoy the benefits of dancing..

Private Lesson Rates
We have a variety of price packages.
Most of beginners start with a five hour private package. This way they have enough instruction time to learn basic steps of some of their favorite dances, and to see for themelves how fast they can learn and what dances they enjoy the most.

Your first introductory 5 hours will be $ 395.- (one person or one couple – same price)
Regular 5 hours package price $ 435.- (if prepaid)
You can also buy one hour at the time for $95.

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