Kids Special Social Night!

At Silva Dance, we offer a wonderful program for children ages three and up. In classes children are introduced to the basics of dance; balance, posture, poise, and steps. They are then taken gradually to a more technical level of performance by using exercises in styling, timing, musicality, and expression. As well as exercising, learning dance, and having fun, your child will also begin to develop their talent, discipline, and self-confidence. The children will also have opportunities to take part in showcases and competitions.


We pride ourselves in providing a safe, friendly, and fun atmosphere for the young ‘Stars of the Future’ to learn, and practice!


A child's connection with a given family, neighborhood, center, or school may limit opportunities for social development. Mixed age, sex, racial, or cultural peer interactions may be infrequent and highly bound by activity differences and early learned expectations, thereby limiting the extent of diversity in peer interaction. This lack of diversity limits the child's ability to be socially competent in various circumstances….

Hence……the development of our Kids social.

A Success !!!

A great chance for kids to be able to have fun as well as develop their ballroom dancing all at the same time. The children experience a supervised event, giving them the opportunity to develop their social skills.


It all revolves around dance!


We teach and encourage letting the children have a good time. At the Silva Dance the children will meet new friends in a healthy and happy atmosphere!

The dances will keep your children in good shape, and children obviously benefit from the physical fitness in a dance studio.


Children are naturally driven by happiness and having a good self image and confidence is a necessity. Through ballroom dancing your child can achieve a high level of success, attaining a self confident and happy attitude towards life.


Sometimes during the class a student may practice on his or her own. It is a necessity to dance with a partner in ballroom dancing. At the Silva's Kids socials there is a great mixture of kids and every child gets a chance to dance with a partner. This helps their social understanding and introduces the children to new friends.


At Silva's the Kids enjoy our socials immensely, they receive the benefits of ballroom dancing while enjoying an evening of dancing with their friends. Best of all the parents may not come in to their dance social they may wait in our reception area for their children, while their kids dance the night away!


Our Kids socials are once a month on a Sunday evening from 6:00P.M. 7:30 pm.