Junior & Youth Programs

At Silva Dance we like to start Dancers as young as possible.


Teddy Bear Ballroom

This is the best way to start. 3-5 years of age. No partner is necessary as they already have one.  Young Dancers learn to develop body co-ordination, a sense of rhythm, an understanding of how to learn. Our newest dancers will learn starter steps in the Ballroom and Latin dances. They will have fun and a sense of accomplishment and will be developing their dance skill as the course progresses.


Dancers Ages 5-8
Will continue to learn body and foot co-ordination. They will be introduced to body positions and alignments and continue to learn and progress in the dances they are learning. They will learn fun and exciting beginner –style Ballroom & Latin routines and choreographies.


Pre-Teens ages 8-12
Will learn basic figures to the Ballroom & Latin dances. They will continue to develop great body control, which is necessary to execute these figures.
They will be introduced to Competition level dancing as well as styling that will continue to develop and improve their dance ability.


Junior’s 13- 15
Will have a program to develop their confidence and improve
Self esteem. The dancing is now at a level to introduce and develop artistic interpretation. They will be introduced to the influence of the music and this will develop the characterization of the dance. There will be a focus on their body isolations and the fluidity necessary to portray the dance will a fullness of the body - music artistry.


Teens and Young Adults 16+
Will continue to develop their dance ability. They will be using the entire mind-body experience throughout the dance. The use of poised body with the use of arms and feet and confidence that has developed will bring their dancing to a complete level. These young adults will have a Social confidence that they can bring to any event that they attain whether it be at a prom, a college, wedding or any social activity.