Group Dance Classes in Long Island

Ballroom and Salsa Dance Classes

Group Dance Classes in Long Island | Ballroom and Salsa Classes NYC

Silva Dance offers group dance class in Long Island several nights of the week. We have dance classes from beginning social dancing to intermediate and advanced levels.

Our classes are 1 hour long or 1 ½ hours. We have structured the dance classes so you will be learning the necessary things to either; get you up on the dance floor or improve your dance ability as well as learn and review new steps.

Some people come with dance partners but it is not necessary to have a partner as everyone learns their own part. Men & Ladies are taught separately. The dance class will rotate so that everyone will get a chance to try out the steps with someone by briefly changing partners.

This helps with the learning process as the Men will then be “Leading” and the Ladies “Following” their different Partners.

The Enrollment for these dance classes is pay as you go so the size of the dance class will vary from week to week. This way it makes it easy to almost start any time, or to step in for a quick review whenever you want. It’s a great and easy way to learn.


Contact us at 516.764.0701 for information regarding our dance classes including Salsa classes in NYC, or go to our calendar schedule page and check out the descriptions and rates of our dance classes. Junior dance classes in Long Island are also forming.